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About us


We help you grow

We firmly believe that by helping you grow, we grow.
We do also know that with our services we shall contribute to your business proper, solid and continuous growth.
A growth which will improve your business image, increase your market share and enjoy economies of scale and hence a competitive advantage which in turn will contribute to business cost reductions and increased profitability.
A constant business profitability behavior will always keep shareholders content and give them the right to compensate and offer other benefits to personnel and at the same time re-investing part of profits for further business growth.

It is a number game

Business is a Numbers Game. Are you getting the right numbers? Some numbers are interrelated to others. Some other numbers are more important than others.
Let us help you with that. Let us make your game profitable and at the same time enjoyable.

Adding pace to your business

All businesses operate in a very dynamic and rapidly changing environment. It is like trying to catch a speeding train. Not only this is enough. Success is merely based on being one step ahead of your rivals.
Adding pace to your business is our job.

Panikos Papiris
founder / director

Panicos is the founder and the director of the business. He is an accountant and business consultant with many years of business consulting experience in various business sectors.