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Business Consulting


Keeping of proper accounting records is essential. Preparing and presenting Financial Statements and Reports is indeed very important. However, for a Business, to maximize its strengths, reduce (if not eliminate) its weaknesses and to find out and take advantage of its opportunities in an extremely competitive advantage, is what we actually aim for.

The purpose of our expertise team is to provide qualitative business consulting services to both existing and newly formed companies, by offering a portfolio of practical business solutions according to their needs and future goals.

These services include the following:
  • Setting up of a corporate strategy
  • Break down of departmental targets, aligned to business strategic objectives
  • Analysis of business needs, weaknesses & strengths, together with potentials, opportunities and threats
  • Organizational structure, job analysis and job descriptions
  • Set-up of internal control system (policies, procedures and roles) for efficient and effective operation of all business departments
  • Management report analysis and decision making tools
  • Implementation of cost reduction schemes and enhancement of business profitability