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Most of the cases, training is the most important factor of a success story. Our world is a dynamic environment and we are all part of it; thus, no matter the age, our personal knowledge and the experience we all carry, we all, at the end of day, continue to learn and share our knowledge and experience with others.

For this exact reason, we consider training as a major priority and we offer our clients the following training sessions.
  • To ensure a proper accounting records – keeping in companies with internal accounts departments, we provide training and support agreement according to business needs.
  • In – house supervision of accounts personnel, implementing accounting policies and performing different accounting functions, procedures and working instructions.
  • To managers in order to acquire adequate knowledge for interpreting financial reports of their business, setting up of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and reaching the right decisions accordingly.
  • Preparation of business forecasts and budget and follow up procedures after feedback from comparing projected financial data with actual.